Lee Road Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Begin. Connect. Belong.
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 Lee Road Baptist Church




             On behalf of the wonderful people of Lee Road Baptist Church, I want to thank you for visiting our home on the web! As a church family, our heart reaches out to each and every person as a wonderful part of God’s creation. We believe that each person finds the deepest fulfillment in life when they establish a relationship with Jesus Christ and serve Him within a community of believers. Lee Road Baptist Church is a place where you can “Begin” a relationship with Jesus Christ; “Connect” with God and others through worship, ministries, and missions; and “Belong” through deep relationships and small group participation.

                        Everyone needs a place to belong. At Lee Road, you will find a community of believers who will take time to get to know your family and love you unconditionally. We do not expect our members to be perfect, but we do expect each member to pursue a vital, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We would love to meet you personally and have the opportunity to help you in your own journey of faith. So, take time to come visit us on Sunday and let us introduce you to our families and all the great opportunities at Lee Road. We hope to see you soon!




 Lee Road Baptist Church desires to reach people for Jesus Christ and to develop each member into a growing, maturing disciple.


Core Values


             . . . Through a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ


            . . . Through Active Participation in the Local Church


            . . . With God through True Worship

            . . . With Others through a Ministry in the Church

            . . . With Others through a Mission in the World


            . . . Through Love, Community, and Personal Relationships

            . . . Through Participation in a Small Group Bible Fellowship



             Our Vision as a church flows out of the heart of our pastor and our leadership team. For the past few years, Lee Road has gone through a period of transition and searching to determine our purpose in God’s Kingdom. God has been faithful throughout this process. We now understand our vision as one of reaching, touching, and changing families for God’s Kingdom. While continuing to offer worship and ministry for all ages, we feel that God has directed us to reach out to families who are in their early days of marriage through their active parenting years of raising children and teenagers. Our focus on families flows out of our belief that strong families will result in strong churches and a stronger society.

            To reach young families, Lee Road has made several important steps. We have begun utilizing a more celebratory worship style which includes numerous instruments like guitars, keyboards, and drums. We have also made some important steps in launching a full Children’s Ministry to compliment our Student Ministry. In December 2007, we called Bryan Pittman to serve as our Family Life Minister. In this role, Bryan leads our Worship:Kidstyle each Sunday Morning. Bryan also works to plan many other ministries and activities for our children and their families. In August 2008, we called Lynn Peden to serve as our Youth Minister. Lynn also helps us with our ministry to College students. Lynn leads Youth Worship on Wednesday nights and Sunday Night Challenge on Sunday Evening. He also plans monthly activities along with five retreats each year. At Lee Road, we believe in the importance of Small Group Bible Fellowships. We have determined that we will be intentional about each person, family, or couple getting involved in a Small Group Bible Fellowship. We all need the Bible study, and we need each other. We offer and will expand to offer Bible Fellowship Groups that target Couples with no children, Couples raising children, Couples raising Teenagers, and Empty Nest Couples. These family stage Bible Fellowship Groups will further compliment the variety of Bible Fellowship Groups that we already have in place.

            Two key words describe the church that Lee Road is becoming. One is “intentional.” We want to be intentional in reaching people, worshipping God, ministering to others, and taking the Gospel around the world. God has called us to do these things and we must be intentional about them. Therefore, we desire for every member of Lee Road to find their place in ministry and serve the Lord. In these vital days of ministry, we are becoming intentional about prayer, evangelism, worship, ministry, and missions. The second word is “relationships.” They key to reaching people and influencing their lives is deep relationships. Lee Road has always been a welcoming, loving church. We are beginning to take this focus to a new level. We believe that each person needs 7 vital, strong relationships within the community of believers. The Bible stresses the need for accountability in the Christian life. Through relationship building and community, God will provide an atmosphere where our spiritual lives can thrive.

            If this sounds like something you are looking for or need in your life, come worship with us this Sunday at Lee Road Baptist Church. We look forward to meeting you. Come experience the personal touch that you will find at Lee Road Baptist Church.